• Why Face2facevid?
    Just like you, the creators of Face2Face searched and yearned for the chance to interact with the people that we followed via Social Media. There were Life Coaches, Chefs, Fitness Trainers, and Athletes that we all wanted the chance to sit down and communicate our life goals with. These people reached a pinnacle in their careers that mirrored an ambition in ours, and we each had specific questions and ideas that no one else could replicate with them. The creation of this platform was the answer and a personal challenge amongst ourselves. Can we give people the opportunity to receive that feedback without compromising the safety and security of their everyday lives. And thus began the aims of our service. Security, Convenience, and the Direct Interaction from one person to the other
  • What happens if my video connection drops?
    The admin will provide role-based access for the users to access features.
  • What are the System Requirements?
    Yes. The admin user can delete users.

Getting Started

    • Will all the users have access to all the features of the dashboard?
      No. The users can access the features of the dashboard based on roles and permissions.

Host Questions

    • Who can become a Host?
      Typically, we reserve Host membership for social media members with 1,000 or more followers. As our database grows we will lower the minimum requirement needed to meet this criteria to where anyone can become a Host
    • How often does a Host get paid?
      Each host will receive a deposit into their account from their subscribed members every Friday at 12:00am EST
    • Can I have multiple Host or Member accounts?
      Only one account per email address.
      How to Promote Face2FaceVid on your Social Media platform?
      • Add Face2FaceVid URL to your social media bio.
      • Include Face2FaceVid URLs in your social media stories, reels, and profile posts.
      • If your social media account has a “booking” feature, you can link your Face2FaceVid profile by using your Face2FaceVid URL.

Managing Your Account

    • What is Lorem Ipsum?
      Yes. You can downgrade the plan

Tips & Tricks

    • What is Lorem Ipsum?
      Yes. You can downgrade the plan

Member Questions

    • As a Member, why can’t I schedule a specific time with a host?
      Host set their schedule according to their availability. If a specific time isn’t available, it means the Host chooses not to video chat during that time. 
    • What if a Host isn’t listed in the Directory?
      You can “Request a Host” by clicking this option in our url header and submit who you would like to see on Face2FaceVID
    • What happens if my video connection drops?
      Face2FaceVID Admin is able to see when a connection drops during a video chat. 
    • What happens if a Host cancels an appointment?
      Please fill out and submit our Refund Template for review 
    • How long before a booked time can I book an appointment
      No. The credit views of the current month cannot be carried forward to the next month.

Broadcasting Face2Facevid from a Laptop to a TV:

    • Mirror a Windows Laptop to an HDTV.
    • Mirror a Mac Laptop Screen to a HDTV.
    • Mirror a MacBook to a HDTV With the AirPlay Icon.
    • Mirror Your Laptop to a HDTV Using Cables.
Click link below to view step-by-step instructions: https://www.lifewire.com/mirror-laptop-to-tv-5072966